"Nicolas est un générateur de bonne humeur. Il donne quotidiennement le sourire à nos milliers de joueurs avec ses bruitages inimitables. Il a su composer les thèmes musicaux qui collaient parfaitement avec notre univers, et fabriquer les sons lorsqu'ils n'existaient pas, à la bouche quand c'était nécessaire. Nicolas est un vrai pro et un partenaire de confiance."
Pierre Germain, directeur de Gerwin Games

"Working with Nicolas was a creatively satisfying experience. In terms of sound design, his attention to detail is unparalleled. He is really passionate about his craft and recorded almost everything from scratch. That really added to the atmosphere and life of the film. And made each location and character come to life. In terms of music he is the kind of composer who isn't just versatile but brings his own flavor to the outcome and elevates the impact. He understands the language of film medium really well, and doesn't shy away from bringing fresh ideas. He also provided valuable feedback and ideas that added subtle yet powerful touches to the film."
Ishan Shukla, filmmaker, 3D artist

"Nicolas created the sound for my short animated film, ‘Settling’. He did a brilliant job and was great to work with - very knowledgeable and helpful. He recorded sounds for the film in his studio and outside, and edited them all together seamlessly to generate a wonderful atmosphere of horror and suspense for the film. Nicolas also wrote a small piece of background music that I needed for one scene. I was in the studio with him for one day and it was very cool to see how all the sound came together."
Emma Mccann, réalisatrice, animatrice chez Dreamwall Animation Studio

"Nicolas apporte toute sa passion et son professionnalisme à des conceptions sonores originales. C'est toujours un grand plaisir de dialoguer et de collaborer avec lui sur de nouveaux projets."
Dominic Graziani, directeur de Machina Films, producteur et réalisateur

"Nicolas made the sound design of my graduation movie and I have to say, I was blown away by his work. He is really motivated, quick to answer any demands, and his work quality is at the top ! It was a real pleasure to work with such a talented professional ! I would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation."
Alexandre Cazals, lighting artist chez Walt Disney Animation Studios

"J'ai fait appel à Nicolas pour le montage son, bruitage et le sound design de mon dernier court-métrage. Le contact a été très agréable, mais surtout Nicolas a été très réactif et ses propositions très pertinentes. Je suis plus que satisfait de notre collaboration."
Mahi Bena, réalisateur

"Nicolas is a very serious sound engineer. I myself was a sound engineer who trained with Bill Porter and I know how to recognize great sound when I hear it. Nicolas is one of those people who can hear what the sound should be, has the technical skill to capture it cleanly. I have worked with Nicolas on a feature film, a short, and a promo. In all three situations his work was flawless and was a serious asset to the project. Good sound people in my region are hard to find - if you have the chance to work with him; you should take advantage of it."
Bryan Cloninger, directeur de la photo et réalisateur

"Nicolas Titeux, monteur son, mixeur et sound designer de talent. A l'écoute et force de proposition, il traduit vos demandes avec aisance et efficacité."
Salvatore d'Agostini, réalisateur