and sound editing

Huji a Fox Tale
Fox tale - Behind the scenes
La dernière recrue
La dernière recrue
Schirkoa behind the scenes Schirkoa - Behind the scenes
Birth of an Island
Birth of Island
Settling Settling
  • Fox Tale

  • Animation short film
    Directed by
    J. Legay and A. Cazals

    Sound editing, sound design
  • La dernière Recrue

  • Motion picture by Luc Murat
    producted by Dopamyne Films.

    Sound editing, foley and mixing
  • Schirkoa

  • Animation short film
    Directed by Ishan Shukla, India

    Sound design, foley and mixing
  • Birth of an Island

  • Producted by Saint Thomas Production.

    Sound editing, sound design

    All short were recorded soundless.
  • Settling

  • Animation short by Emma McCann

    Sound design, sound editing and mixing