Sound designer, mixer and composer for 10 years, I offer my creativity and knowledge to your projects.

Graduated with a Master 2 in "Engineering creation and sound production", I have been working on numerous documentaries, feature-films, animation films, shorts, magazines and commercials. I'm able to work independtly in every aspect of sound production, from sound recording to mix, through editing and sound design. I record and create most of the sounds I use in ordre to give each project its own sound.

I own a collection of 100 musical instruments and I'm constantly looking for new sounds. I play real accoustic instruments in my compositions with virtual instruments in order to obtain an authentic and unique sound. My musical influences are: film music, jazz, pop, electro and world music. I'll be listening to your expectations to offer you the best sound and music solutions.

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in the studio with Hugh Jackman
In studio with Hugh Jackman, ADR of "Butter" by Jim Field Smith        
in the studio with Jessica Alba